Prime Minister's laptop Scheme Phase IV-V Final Merit List

Please find attached herewith initial list of 94 students selected for award of laptop in PMNLS Phase IV – V.

All student who are not selected are informed that as per information received from HEC remaining laptops are expected soon, therefore, it is advised to wait for the next list and circular.

S.No Student Name Father Name CNIC Registraion No. Department Distribution Status
1 Jahangeer Ahmed Soomro Akhtiar Ahmed Soomro 4240168391851 98-MBA/16-F/4 Business Administration Selected
2 Lubna Rind Muhammad Sharif Rind Baloch 4230189739312 99MBA/16-F Business Administration Selected
3 Fouzia MYousuf 4230110957840 96MBA/16-F/4 Business Administration Selected
4 Fahima Muhammad Yousuf 4230126798266 94MBA/16-F/4 Business Administration Selected
5 Shazia Abdul Zahir 4230138498696 137MBA/17-S/5 Business Administration Selected
6 Sidra Rahim Muhammad Rahim 4230122576498 38-MBA/15-F/2 Business Administration Selected
7 MEHWISH GHULAM HUSSAIN 4230186068516 101-MBA/16-F/4 Business Administration Selected
8 Sana Nazeer hussain 4230147544738 135MBA/17-5/5 Business Administration Selected
9 Shayan ahmed Abdul samad 4230131515161 109-MBA/16-F/4 Business Administration Selected
10 Wajid Ali Ali Gohar 4240108251111 114-MBA/16-F/4 Business Administration Selected
11 Madiha Naz Shah Nawaz 4240114335228 146MBA/17-S/5 Business Administration Selected
12 MUKESH KUMAR DEEWAN 4440191411387 448BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
13 Sobia Hameedullah 4230180594816 111-MBA/16-F/4 Business Administration Selected
14 Umme hafsah Shahnawaz 4230154138488 47-mba/15-f/2 Business Administration Selected
15 Uroosa khatri Ali akber khatri 4230126117104 363-BBA/16-S/7 Business Administration Selected
16 Zainab Abdul Salam 4230144359934 45-MBA/15-F/2 Business Administration Selected
17 MUHAMMAD ASAD BUTT NAVEED BUTT 3520192560521 126MBA/17-S/5 Business Administration Selected
18 ALI MUHAMMAD DILDAR 4240189818713 35-MBA/15-F/2 Business Administration Selected
19 Faiza Sikander Sikander Hayat 4230189767192 55-MBA/16-S/3 Business Administration Selected
20 AISHA NASIR MEHMOOD 4230152932778 276-BBA/16-S/7 Business Administration Selected
21 Sabahat Saleem 4230166408494 107-MBA/16-F/4 Business Administration Selected
22 Nayab Nawab Nawab Khan 4230175340166 104-MBA/16-F/4 Business Administration Selected
23 Saima Fateh muhammad 4230160936340 75-MBA-16-S/3 Business Administration Selected
24 Vikant Subash Chander 4430382623649 499BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
25 SAMIRA MUHAMMAD USMAN BALOCH 4220148259244 339-BBA/16-S/7 Business Administration Selected
26 Nimra Shoukat Hussain 4230170275896 216BBA/14-F Business Administration Selected
27 jameel ahmed najeeb ur rehman 4240129789215 158BBA/14-S Business Administration Selected
28 Hina khan Muhammad Bukhhsh 4230117485028 243-BBA/15-S Business Administration Selected
29 Ghulam Raza Qambar Ali 4530353021679 200BBA/14-F Business Administration Selected
30 Ayaz ahmed Niaz ahmed 4230102677225 152BBA/14-S Business Administration Selected
31 Hanifa Muhammad Younus 4230193567408 242-BBA/15-S Business Administration Selected
32 ANUM MOHAMMAD ASIF 1310186539124 390BBA/17-S/8 Business Administration Selected
33 Sumaiya Ismail 4230151053674 352-BBA/16-S/7 Business Administration Selected
34 Sumbul ali Imtiaz ali 4230150560752 353-BBA/16-S/7 Business Administration Selected
35 PIRBHU LAL CHETAN 4440224814991 460BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
36 Ganesh Jago mal 4440141168501 297-BBA/17-S/8 Business Administration Selected
37 Syed Mohsin Ali Shah Syed Abdul Ghafar Shah 4230108316045 488BBA-17-5-8 Business Administration Selected
38 Fatima Umrani Maqbool Hussain Umrani 4230132583366 403BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
39 Maaz khan burfat Muhammad khan 4230158416971 427BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
40 Nasrullah Khalil u Rehman 4350304830321 451BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
41 Khuram Shehzad Muhammad Qaseem 4230154867609 424BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
42 Muhammad Hamza Ali Abdul Hamid 3420339631741 434BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
43 Shabaz Ghulam Abbass 4230191836101 477BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
44 Talha Bin Inayat Mullahzai Muhammad Inayat 4210134165697 495BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
45 Sheeren Gohram 4240136572730 484BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
46 Raieya kanwal Abdul Salam khatri 4230133506872 461BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
47 Kavish Murad Buksh 4230135748851 422BBA/17-5/8 Business Administration Selected
48 Nighat Muhammad Ishaq 4230168455126 290BCOM/16-S/7 Commerce Selected
49 Pridev Kumar Shewaram 4410393469901 376BCOM17-5/8 Commerce Selected
50 Adeem khan Ayub khan 4250112521715 167BCOM/14-F Commerce Selected
51 Shama dawood Dawood 4230193115114 228BCOM/15-S Commerce Selected
52 Almas Abdul Sattar 4240166552834 319BCOM/17-5/8 Commerce Selected
53 Rubab Inayatullah 4230178198206 381BCOM/17-5/8 Commerce Selected
54 Nimra Muhammad Shafiq 4230118329830 371BCOM/17-5/8 Commerce Selected
55 Fazal ur rehman Abdul salam 4230131275005 457BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
56 SYED HAMZA JAMIL JAMIL AHMED 4540158587091 517BCS/17-S/8 Computer Science Selected
57 SUMMAIYA JABEEN HAJI ABDUL LATIF 4220158021894 514BCS/17-S/8 Computer Science Selected
58 SHARJEEL MOQRAB KHAN MUHAMMAD RIAZ 5150363559909 510BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
59 Muhammad Umair Muhammad Arif 4240168146137 491BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
60 Sana Soomro Mukhtar Ahmed Soomro 4230183156132 502BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
61 Salman Akber Haji Akber 4230197693733 226BCS/14-S Computer Science Selected
62 Momal yaqoob yaqoob elahi 4230174684990 473BCS/17-S/8 Computer Science Selected
63 Muhammad Kashif Awan Haji Muhammad Irshad 4230153452529 529BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
64 Muhammad shaheer Muhammad umer 4230154053037 534BCS/17-S/8 Computer Science Selected
65 Salman Saeed Muhammad Saeed Kamboh 4540275291029 228BCS/14-S Computer Science Selected
66 TARIM ATTA UR REHMAN 4210177289501 521BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
67 Anosha Abu Bakar Malook 4230128067202 446BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
68 Muhammad Aaqib Muhammad Yousuf 4230189849757 475BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
69 Jabbar Ali Abdul razzak 4230194621893 464BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
70 Omais Ahmed Khan Shamim Ahmed Khan 4220145421371 500BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
71 Amrit Narain 4230188419405 445BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
72 Shahzaib Khan Khan Bahadur 4230139582899 508BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
73 Umer Safdar Safdar Ali 3520279116023 522BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
74 Ghulam Muhammad Khuda Baksh 4230182472677 458BSCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
75 FAIZAN ALI ABBASI MUNAWAR SULTAN ABBASI 4230190382457 453BCS/17-S/8 Computer Science Selected
76 Muzammil Mehmood Ali 4230152497077 492BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
77 Shagufta Ghulam Hussain 4230144170698 503BCS/17-S/8 Computer Science Selected
78 JHAMAN DAS MOHAN LAL 4440166158645 466BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
79 Muhammad Fahim Tajdar Ali 4200046353969 483BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
80 TAHA AZIZ AZIZURREHMAN 4210136812223 520BCS/17-5/B Computer Science Selected
81 Abdul Haseeb Abdul Razzak 4230189057163 432BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
82 Hassan Nawaz Malik Ahmed Nawaz 4240131625281 462BCS/17-S/8 Computer Science Selected
83 Hassan Mehmood Abdul Razzaq 4230121088087 461BCS/17-5/8 Computer Science Selected
84 nahil asif muhammad asif 4230155140732 493BCS/17-S/8 Computer Science Selected
85 Vicky kumar Mohan lal 4440151744147 178EBS/17-S/8 English Selected
86 Lata Mohan lal 4440162446896 149EBS/17-5/8 English Selected
87 Abdul khalique Mohammad Bachal 4130391313397 125EBS/16-S/7 English Selected
88 Komal Arif Muhammad Arif 4230148129410 147EBS/17-5/8 English Selected
89 Muhammad Nawaz Ali Dost 4340604152545 29 MA (ENG)/17-5/4 English Selected
90 Farah Haleem Abdul Haleem 5150381513750 26MA(ENG)/17-S/4 English Selected
91 Ramesh kumar Ghansham 4440155671137 166BSIT/17-5/3 Information Technology Selected
92 Govind kumar Heman das 4410794710749 123BSIT/17-5/3 Information Technology Selected
93 Meghraj Mal Herchand 4410769816673 138BSIT/17-5/3 Information Technology Selected
94 Ajay kumar Satram 4410739154641 97BS IT/17-5/3 Information Technology Selected
95 Ahsan Ali Ghulam Ali 4230122259685 26BSIT/16-S/2 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
96 DILEEP KUMAR TULJARAM 4410726570559 119BSIT/17-5/8 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
97 Abdul Hafeez Muneer Ahmed 4120174262923 90BSIT/17-5/3 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
99 DILEEP KUMAR WASOO 4410747946565 118BS IT/17-5/3 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
100 Chandan kumar Puran das 4440103267567 115BSIT/17-5/3 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
101 Aneel Kumar Arjan 4440102443063 102BSIT/17-S/3 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
102 Neetesh Kumar Ramesh kumar 4430149989433 160BSIT/17-5/3 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
103 Ravi shankar Durga Das 4440137926047 167BS IT/17-5/3 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
105 Arsalan Aziz Aziz ul haq 4230111595153 105BSIT/17-5/3 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
106 Muhammad umer farooq Abdul razzaq memon 4250137659291 156BSIT/17-5/3 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
107 Shehzad Ghulam Mustafa 4240133165033 181BSIT/17-5/3 Information Technology Will be awarded Later
108 NIMRA MUKHTAR MUKHTAR ALI 4220160145462 BBSU/PharmD/177029/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
109 ALISHA AZIZ AZIZ AHMED 4220169028042 BBSU/PHARM-D/177001/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
110 KHUSHBAKHT HAFEEZ ABDUL HAFEEZ 4510139258630 BBSU/PHARM-D/177018/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
111 Muhammad Mubashir Abdul majeed 4240122636277 BBSU/PHARM-D/177023/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
112 Sadhna Laljee 4230179503644 BBSU/PharmD/177035/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
113 Suneel kumar Anbo 4430391412411 BBSU/pharmD/177043/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
114 HIRA ABDUL QADIR 4230114284890 BBSU/PHARMD/177014/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
115 JAVIRIYA MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM 4230153900208 BBSU/PHARMD/177016/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
116 Muhammad Noman Muhammad Rafique 4230198517221 BBSU/PharmD/177024/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
117 Syeda Ayesha Syed Abdul Basit 4230158318664 BBSU/pharmD/177034/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
118 Sana Ali Memon Ahsan Ali Memon 4230175352010 BBSU/PharmD/177037/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later
119 Raheen Abdul Razzak 4230144520390 BBSU/PharmD/177031/2017 Pharmacy Will be awarded Later