8th Academic Council Meeting

The 8th meeting of the Academic Council at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari (BBSUL) convened on 17th January 2024 at the Senate Hall, marking a significant step towards academic enhancement. Chaired by Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Amjad Siraj Memon, the meeting commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran by Dr. Umair Bag, Director QEC.
The verses recited set a reflective tone, offering a moment of spiritual contemplation before the council proceeded with its agenda. Following this, a condolence prayer was offered for the late Prof. Dr. K.M. Larik, honoring his contributions to the institution and expressing collective sorrow at his passing.
Registrar Dr. Mazhar Ali adeptly facilitated the meeting, steering discussions on critical academic matters, faculty development, and institutional progress. The council members actively engaged in fruitful deliberations, presenting reports on research initiatives and collaborative projects. Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Amjad Siraj Memon conveyed gratitude for the dedication of the faculty and staff, emphasizing the university's commitment to academic excellence. The meeting encapsulated a harmonious blend of commemoration, thoughtful reflection, and forward-looking strategies for the university's growth.
The Academic Council, comprising distinguished faculty members and Academic heads, Directors / Administrative heads gathered to deliberate on crucial matters pertaining to academic excellence, research initiatives, and institutional development.

BBSUL ComTech Exhibition 2021

The Faculty of Computing Sciences and Information Technology, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University arranged the software exhibition titled “BBSUL ComTech Exhibition 2021” on March 25, 2021, at Expo Hall of university at Chakiwara Lyari Karachi Sindh. The students of the final semester of BS (Computer Science) and BS (Information Technology) have presented their final year projects in the exhibition. Professor Dr. Akhtar Baloch, the Vice-Chancellor BBSUL was the chief guest of the event. More than 50 projects were presented in the exhibition.
The exhibition was designed to attract students and the industry providing a strong medium for accessing state-of-the-art technologies and products in the IT sector. The exhibition highlighted key technologies and trends in the areas of hardware, internet of things (IoT), system integration telecoms, software and services, artificial intelligence, the Internet, e-commerce, e-governance, broadcasting, entertainment, infrastructure, and education through its extensive display pavilions. While expressing the Honorable Vice Chancellor, this is the digital era therefore, no country can be developed without understanding and adopting modern technology, therefore, such types of exhibitions motivate the students and faculty members to work more in the field of information technology and artificial intelligence. Faculty members, Heads of various departments of the university, families of students, prominent personalities of Lyari town, software houses, and a large number of students attended the exhibition.
The Vice-Chancellor awarded the shields and certificates of appreciation to project supervisors, students. Finally, the Excellence Award shield awarded to Dr. Mazhar Ali Dootio in recognition of arranging the ComTech Exhibition 2021 and the development of faculty of CS and IT as per the requirement of the digital world. The In-charge, Faculty of CS and IT honored the Vice-Chancellor with a shield of honor as a souvenir.

CSIT Farewell Party

BBSUL Faculty of CS & IT honored the seventh batch of CS and second batch of IT with farewell party on 9th December 2019 Honorable Vice Chancellor Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari Karachi Sindh was the chief guest of the program.
Vice Chancellor honored the students with congratulations and future suggestions. Honorable Vice Chancellor advised the passed out students to take place in market and serve the nation. Dr. Mazhar Ali Dootio, the Incharge of faculty of CS and IT, welcomed the honorable guests, faculty and students. He appreciated the hard work g of students during their studies. He urges them to serve the country and nation.

Seminar on Aspire World Investments

An info seminar conducted on Aspire World Investments at Faculty of CS & IT, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed university Lyari Karachi Sindh. Faculty and Students of CS & IT attended the seminar. Mr. Munwar Hassan from British Council was speaker of seminar. Prof. Dr. Akhtar Baloch, Vice Chancellor of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed university Lyari attended and concluded the seminar. Dr. Mazhar Ali, incharge Faculty of CS & IT, welcomed the honorable guest, Vice Chancellor, faculty members and students .

Karachi property tax can raise billions of rupees

KARACHI: Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari (BBSUL) Karachi organized a book talk on the recently published book, The Economy of Modern Sindh: Opportunities Lost and Lessons for the Future, as part of its inaugural Eminent Scholar Series. “We are honored to have a scholar and thought leader of Dr. Ishrat’s stature at our campus today” said by the vice chancellor BBSUL, Prof. Dr. Akhtar Baloch in his welcome address. “Our students have waited for months to finally listen and take inspiration from you,” he nicely set the tone for a very well-received talk, “unlike their privileged counterparts in the elite universities, these students hardly get such an exposure, and likewise any coverage in the mainstream media, perhaps because we are housed in Lyari. We want the thought leaders to visit us and witness the energy of our students,” he added.

“I am very happy to see so much energy, positivity, drive, and spark in the eyes of these bright young men and women” said Dr. Ishrat Husain who is one of the co-authors of the book along with Prof. Aijaz A. Qureshi and Nadeem Hussain. The book talk was attended by the students, faculty, researchers, development practitioners, scholars, corporate sector executives, and members of the civil society from Lyari — one of the eighteen constituent towns of the city of Karachi. “I have always advocated that the benefits of education should reach to the backward districts and towns of Pakistan. Because the less-privileged youth word hard to prove themselves” added Dr. Ishrat who turned around one of Pakistan’s best institution of higher education, the IBA Karachi, and opened its doors for the exceptional talent from downtrodden areas through several talent hunt programs. Addressing the students, Dr. Ishrat said, “Do not run after grades; do not go after memorizing; simply do not join universities and colleges in pursuits of degrees only. The 21st century is led by knowledge economy; so, apply your knowledge for problem solving.” While discussing the need to have a book on Sindh’s economy, he said, “Sindh is equal to a country such as Spain. So, it was very important to academically investigate Sindh as a unit of study. Unless you identify what are the prospects, you can not truly measure the potential,” he added.

“Sindh enjoys many comparative advantages that are not shared by other two provinces. But we are losing our advantage and other provinces are either catching up or overtaking us. What are the reasons for that? If anyone views at Sindh from stratosphere or somebody from Mars lands in Sindh and looks at its comparative advantages relative to the other provinces that individual would be very impressed. Why do I say that? We have two major seaports in the country. Gwadar has not yet been developed but all international trade takes place through the two seaports located in Sindh. We have a much richer pool of talent produced by high-quality education institutions in Sindh including this institution. We have vast tracks of irrigated land; we have highest proportion of irrigated land compared to any other province; we have significant reserves of natural gas, coal, and minerals. it's only recently we have started exploiting coal reserves. We have a dynamic Private sector. We have strong financial and industrial infrastructure in this province and finally we have all the wherewithal to mobilize resources for development of Sindh and for providing public services. The conundrum is if the province enjoys such strong comparative advantages why is that that our graph is going down. Let me submit what we considered in our book as the reasons for this downfall. 52% of the population lives in urban areas and 48% live in rural areas according to census. Urban areas have industry and services as the major sectors of economy, and the rural areas have agriculture as their major source of income. But 39% of the work force is employed in agriculture and 34% in informal sectors” Dr. Husain said, addressing a complete jam-packed auditorium of the university. Responding to a question on provincial government and its challenges, Dr. Ishrat said “Sindh Chief Minister is a very dynamic individual. He along with the current chairperson of the Planning & Development (P&D) Board, Naheed S. Durrani — a very competent officer — wants to improve things. They are determined to bring about positive change in the province. Both have shown keen interest in developing public policies which are based on real facts and data, and not on intuitions and presumptions. And this is what I and my co-authors have tried to contribute through the publication of this book,” he added.

“Karachi’s property tax can raise billions of rupees. The revenue collection at all the tiers of the governments — federal, provincial, and district — needs to be improved. The majority of the population draws its subsistence from doing odd jobs, part time jobs, casual workers, daily wage labor, footpath vendors, setting up khokas and driving rehris etc. We all know that productivity in informal sector is much lower compared to the formal sector. The widespread encroachments outside the Empress market in Karachi or any other market in Sindh were manifestation of informal economic activity. So, the theoretical expectation that there would be reallocation of labor from agriculture to industry and services does not take place in fact although the surplus labor migrates to urban areas from the rural. In this way you see a pull-down towards overall lower productivity. In agriculture, the introduction of high yielding varieties, fertilizers, increased availability of water raised productivity significantly until 1990s. But during the last 20 years there has been no breakthrough either in technology, seeds, irrigation water availability and as a result our agriculture productivity has gone down. What is more disturbing is that we have focused on crops mainly and neglected other sub sectors which have potential to augment rural incomes and reduce incidence of poverty. We have a long coastline and the world market of the fisheries runs into 150 billion of dollars annually rising by 8 percent per annum, while Pakistan’s sea food exports are a miniscule 450 million dollars or 0.3 percent of the world market. Any other country possessing such long coastline would be able to sell billions of dollars of sea food to the rest of the world. Coastal tourism can also be developed for those interested in water sports. We are sitting on a reservoir of riches and nobody has given any attention to the fisheries. Similarly, as urban incomes rise the demand for poultry, meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy and other high protein diets rise and that is provided by livestock. Artificial insemination, Veterinary services, Genetic improvements, cross breeding and feed enrichment, biotechnology or research on livestock are missing. Dairy production in the organized sector – pasteurized and UHT brands – has not touched even 10 percent of total milk production in the country while urban middle class is growing rapidly,” Dr. Husain shared with the audience. Students with academic distinctions were awarded books. Dr. Ishrat thanked Mr. Mohsin Ali Nathani, President and CEO, Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited (HMBL), and Ms. Sheeza Ahmed, Head of Marketing HMBL for generously gifting the copies of the books to the deserving students of BBSUL. The talk was moderated by Nadeem Hussain. Prof. Aijaz A. Qureshi, Prof. Dr. Khalid Shaikh, Dr. Zaffar A. Shaikh, Mr. Mudasir Hussain, and Mr. Imtiaz Ali were in attendance.

Seminar on New Network with New CCNA

A seminar on New Network with New CCNA is conducted by faculty of Computer science and information technology, BENAZIR BHUTTO SHAHEED UNIVERSITY LYARI KARACHI, Sindh Pakistan on 15 October 2019 at AUDITORIUM. In charge faculty of CS and IT Dr. Mazhar Ali has welcomed the guests, faculty members and students as well as discussed the importance of networks and CCNA and honour the guests with souvenir of Ajrak and flower bouquets. Engr. Farukh Nizami, the speaker of program discussed the new networks and CCNA certification process. Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, Chairman of the development of computer systems, Sir Sayed University discussed the cyber security.

Teacher’s Day

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari Karachi Sindh Pakistan celebrated Teacher’s Day to thank the teaching faculty for the contributions they make to the lives of the Lyari as well as other parts of Sindh. A cultural extravaganza was organized by the Vice Chancellor, in charge Faculty of CS & IT and Students to appreciate the unwavering commitment of the teachers for the mission and vision of this University ‘with a difference’. All the heads of faculties and departments were invited to honor the teachers. Prof. Dr. Akhtar Baloch, Vice-Chancellor was the Chief Guest of the event. The program started with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran. The students have sung the song in honor of teachers of the university. The Chief Guest of the function, Prof. Dr. Akhtar Baloch, Vice-Chancellor was fascinated with the performance of the students and congratulated the teachers for inspiring and nurturing the students to march in the right direction. He appreciated their constant endeavor in bringing Benazir Bhutto Shaheed university to such a great height. He said the people Lyari are very good host and they respect the teachers. The university has performed very good role in making the Lyari developed, therefore, this credit goes to the teachers. Vice Chancellor congratulated the head of faculty Dr. Mazhar Ali Dootio and student on arranging such type of the great event in honor of great and responsible persons of the university. The in-charge Faculty of CS and IT, BBSUL Dr. Mazhar Ali Dootio, said that the World Teachers Day has been celebrating since its launch in 1994 to appreciate the efforts of teachers in making the society. The faculty of CS & IT has arranged this program in view of world teachers’ day to appreciate our honorable teachers. Teachers don’t teach the courses to students only but the character and society building also. Therefore, the glory of the teacher cannot be expressed in little time because the role of teacher is high than the other professions.

Celebrates Cultural Integration on Independence Day

Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari Celebrates Independence Day with cultural colors of Pakistan. Students, faculty and staff expressed solidarity with the people of Kashmir in their struggles for right of self-determination.

Sports Week 2019
Sindhi Cultural Day Celebration

Culture creates unity among the people of any nation. One of Pakistan’s provinces Sindh is also famous for its cultural norms, values and traditions. The Sindhi Topi and Ajrak is the identity of the people of Sindh. The people across the province celebrate the cultural day with joy, devotion while giving a message of love and peace to the world from all those living in Sindh. Children, men and women of Sindh celebrate the cultural day in a traditional manner. Particularly, on the occasion of the cultural day, children, men and women of Sindh wear Topi and Ajrak to promote their culture. It is an expression of love and loyalty to the Sindh dharti.

Every year to expose the same love and loyalty to the Sindh Dharti Sindhi Cultural Day is celebrated at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari, Karachi. To continue the same tradition Sindhi culture day was celebrated with enthusiasm at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari, Karachi on 21st March 2019. A colourful program was organized by Management, Faculty, Officers, Staff and students of BBSULK. The program was hosted by the students of the university and performed different skits to show the culture of Sindh Dharti. The program became more joyful when very famous singer of Sindh “Ahmed Mughal” joined the celebration and sung his famous songs which made people dance and enjoy the day.

Through this program a message was conveyed to all over the world that people of Sindh province are loving, peaceful and friendly in nature and are also famous for their hospitality.

Sufi Night

Marketing Society Network of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari Karachi organized sensational and devotional musical Sufi Night by giving stage to renowned Qawwal of Karachi Mr. Hamza Akram. BBSU always been focused on best academia & beezer extra curricular activities to make their students soaring level energy to compete in the market.