Department of International Relations

Benazir Bhutto Shaheed university is situated at Lyari, Karachi. Lyari is said to be one of the oldest inhabited parts of Karachi and is referred to by its residents as the "Mother of Karachi." Its name is said to be derived from a Lyar - a tree which grows in a graveyard. The students of this area are very prone to take interest in international politics and local politics. Lyari has been an important site for social and labour activism since the colonial era. Lyari was also a base for anti-colonial movements, such as the Khilafat Movement, and the Reshmi Rumal Tehreek. Mohandas Gandhi is reported to have visited Lyari's Chakiwara Chowk during his struggle against the British. In the 1960s, Lyari was the main base for several leftist student organizations and Baloch nationalist organizations. It is sometimes referred to as the birthplace of Baloch nationalism.

Department Of International Relations

The relevance of International relations has grown significantly as a result of the rapid global and domestic environment changes. By revisiting history, dissecting the present, and examining the future, international relations provides its students with all the knowledge and skills they need. It gets people ready for new ideas and opens their minds to how they may be used to solve a variety of societal issues.

The Department of International Relations at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University, Lyari Karachi is introduced in the month of october 2022, by the academic council of the BBSUL as a discipline in the faculty of Arts and Humanities. In the future, the Department of International Relations through its BS, Diploma and certificate programmes, has created courses that are tailored to the needs of its students. The courses are designed to give students a theoretical grasp of how the international political system, institutions, and decision-making operate.



To develop high quality political scientists committed to the pursuit of excellence and who are imbibed with vision, perception, courage, and dedication.


The primary mission of the Department of International Relations is to internationalize the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari educational experience. Thus the Department supports the University Mission to graduate students with multicultural and international perspectives.

Aims and Objectives of the Department

Design and implement policies and programs that promote cross-cultural and global understanding in all fields of study.

To improve academic standards in this region through knowledge management.

To build social capital.

To contribute towards the socio-political and socio-economic development of Pakistan.

Building indigenous intellectuals repository of the region.

To develop a better understanding of challenges and prospects of the international

Career gaols and benefits to students

The creation of the department will greatly benefit our students by providing opportunities for cross-cultural awareness, exposure to global perspectives, and a greater understanding of the competencies that students need to become world citizens and succeed in today's global workforce.

This degree Program will enable students to become potential candidates for CSS and young professional program (YPO) exams at UNO. Moreover, students of IR can avail employment opportunities in foreign office, embassies, UNO, EU, SAARC, Universities, Think Tanks, Media, NGOs, INGOs and IGOs.

The study sensitizes men and women of this region about challenges and prospects of National and International System and creation of peace building society in Pakistan and world at large.

Nisar Ahmed

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